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You can have peace of mind knowing that our trustworthy cleaning staff will arrive to clean your property on time. Only powerful, non-toxic cleaning products will be used.


Contact our staff today to schedule a one-time cleaning appointment or you can have our cleaners come to your property on a routine basis.

Stop worrying about how you'll get your house clean. Call the cleaning professionals to do the hard work for you. 


Have all your cleaning needs met by one company

You should never have to settle for less when it comes to cleaning your home; that's why your satisfaction is guaranteed when you call Phelps Cleaning Service. If you aren't happy with the job we've done, we'll happily clean the area again! We can clean your carpet or furniture without leaving any residue behind therefore keeping your warranties intact.

You can easily get your home looking nice and neat again. Schedule a cleaning from Phelps Cleaning Services today!

Enjoy your spotless home or business

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If you aren't satisfied with the way we clean your property the first time, we'll clean it again! Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED.


• Carpet and furniture cleaning

• Mold and mildew testing and treatment

• Furnace and air duct cleaning

• Pet odor removal

• Stain removal

• Bathroom cleaning